Friday, November 1, 2013

My favorite Italian Bistro

La Tomate

1701 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC, DC 20009 (202)667-5505

"Perfectly Prepared Pasta"

I have eaten four times at La Tomate since my initial review below. Every time the food has been good. One time I enjoyed 4 types of prosciutto from Prosciutto Bar and discovered that I like brisaola very much. When ordering pasta it is always cooked perfectly. The service is never bad but it isn't top-notch, the waiters are kind of laid-back; not super attentive except one time I had a very good, and attentive waiter.

Reviewed April 14, 2013
What a pleasant surprise. I liked our indoor seats with a view of the patio and the street. The Italian bread was decent. We ordered the Caprese salad which I am sure would have been good had we been served good tomato. The tomato had no flavor and was slightly mushy. The italian sausage we had prepared as a side dish was delicious!! Great herbs and spices. My bow-tie pasta w/ diced prosciutto, mushroom & cream was prepared perfectly, and it was very tasty too. I can't quit thinking about the wonderful flavor and al dente pasta. My friend had the arborio rice, wild mushrooms, and imported mascarpone, which he I loved and I did too. Food better than average. Atmosphere fair. Service was good. I will definitely visit La Tomate again and recommend it to friends.

food chick

Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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