Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Wind Gourmet

Blue Wind Gourmet

22803 Gunston Drive (directly on MD. RTE 235)
Lexington Park Maryland 20653 (301) 737-2714

Dined here on November 17, 2013

We stopped here after a day of hiking at nearby St. Mary's River State Park. I had remembered Blue Wind Gourmet from previous years when I spent a lot of time in Lexington Park, Maryland. Blue Wind is casual dining but it also has a great wine selection and is as well known for wine as it is for fresh, great tasting food. This restaurant is a much needed addition to an area full of restaurant chains and devoid of higher quality food.

The Food
Cajun catfish on ciabatta with avocado. I did not enjoy my half of this sandwich. The Cajun seasoning was good but the catfish was a little chemically or fishy tasting, good catfish doesn't taste like that. Too, the sandwich had very little avocado. This sandwich comes with a side of remoulade sauce. I usually hold off on sauces but add a little of the remoulade sauce to this catfish sandwich, it improves it. The ciabatta bread was good. (sandwich half, left side of photo)

Cajun shrimp & goat cheese on focaccia bread brushed with garlic oil was good. The focaccia was whole wheat and seemed to have its own herb flavor as well. The shrimp on the sandwich were huge. (see sandwich half right side of photo)

Crab corn chowder was thick and creamy (but not gelatinous) and mainly a corn flavor but there was crab in there too. It was a good soup for a cool night. The best food of the entire meal was the Masala Lentil soup. Great spices and a pinch of hotness; hearty not overpowering. I wish I had gotten some to go.

The Service
Service is walk up to the counter and order style, but they do bring your food to your table if you eat in.

Tip: The place us hard to find at night, not lit up, Blue Wind sign is dim. Heading north look for well lit Chiropractor sign, turn after that.

Note: I had dined here once before back in 2009 and had a memorable crab cake sandwich. I recall it being very tasty, fresh and little filler. 

food chick

Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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