Thursday, November 7, 2013

I love salmon!

The FedEx man stopped in front of my house. No biggie, figured the neighbor was getting a delivery. Then, FedEx man started walking up to my door. I went to open the front door and said with surprise, "Hmm, I didn't order anything." Then I read the box he was carrying: TAKU. I squealed with delight. FedEx man laughed. I grabbed that box. FedEx guy said, "Have a good one!" I spun around on my left foot and danced with delight back into the house while hugging my box of Taku goodies. *big grin*

What is Taku you ask? Only the best, freshest tasting, make-ya-wanna-slap-your-mamma smoked salmon evaaaah!

(dancing and singing) It's my birthday, it's my birthday.

The Taku hot smoked salmon is a birthday gift. Day 7, and my birth month extravaganza is going quite well.

You see people, I don't just celebrate the day I was born. I take the entire month! After five years of promoting the birth(day) month extravaganza, my friends and family have finally caught on and they celebrate me all month long.*

food chick

* I knew I'd wear them

Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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