Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jerry's Place of Southern Maryland

Jerry's Place Seafood Restaurant

1541 Solomon's Island Rd., Prince Frederick, MD 20678 (410) 535-3242

Dined on November 10, 2013

I ate at Jerry's Place again after a nice long hike. My dining companion had the special: filet of sole stuffed with crab. I know fish and I know filet of sole is a thin, smallish piece of fish, so I figured they didn't really mean stuffed but perhaps they'd sit the crab on top of the filet of sole. Nope! They wrapped the sole around a dollop of crab meat. (see photo). My friend said it was good but decidedly at $32.50 for this special entree was a rip-off! Way over priced.

I enjoyed the full fried shrimp dinner served with kale (love, love, love the kale at Jerry's Place) and fresh fries. The batter on the fried shrimp is merely a light dusting and the shrimp are not greasy at all. At Jerry's Place the shrimp are huge, incredibly flavorful and shrimp tasting. So often in restaurants the shrimp doesn't have that shrimp taste or it is flavorless, not the case at Jerry's Place.

Dessert: Jerry's has decent homemade desserts. On this visit I had the pumpkin cheesecake--real cheesecake. It is YUMMY, get some.

I am a fan of the croissant bread pudding, I always get it to go. However, the last two times I ordered it the bread pudding wasn't fully cooked. One time the entire lower half was runny. I had to bake it at home for 20 minutes and then the top layer of croissant was over-cooked and chewy :(  The second time I received an under-cooked croissant bread pudding it was not as bad,10 minutes in low temperature oven solidified things.

What my dining companions and I have learned from frequently dining at Jerry's Place:
1. Don't order combo dinners. You will not be given 50% of one entree and 50% of the other entree, you will get less than half. I had the shrimp and haddock combo once and the amount of fish was definitely less than half an order of the haddock dinner. Also the pieces of fish were smaller (not as big or thick) so they were dryer than the haddock given as samples and served on the full fried haddock entree.

2. Don't get the specials (unless it is something seasonal). Jerry's does weird things with their pricing. The specials are abnormally high-priced for what you get. Made this mistake twice.

What Jerry's does very well is kale, crab cakes, haddock, shrimp, and service!

Tip: People love the oysters here and several people come weekly for oysters. I don't eat oysters but Jerry's Place has a variety and they are fresh at the oyster bar.

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