Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pressure to pay: After Dinner

Have you been stuck with more than your fair share of a tab?
How did you handle it?

Thursday evening, I dined with a weekly dinner group that took part in Washington DC Restaurant Week (RW). Restaurant week's happen all over the U.S. in various cities. For those of you that don't know about RW, restaurants participate by offering a fixed price, 3-course dinner menu. This year's price was $35.14 (14 cents symbolizes the year 2014). The dinner group that I joined selected Acadiana (my review). We were a group of five and we expected to have one bill presented to us, and we would pool our funds to cover the bill. Luckily, the waitress offered us separate checks. However, had she not done this we could have had a scene very much like the one in this DC Shorts film--After Dinner. (run time 5m 42sec)

I have heard of dining groups needing to institute strict rules to avoid having to publicly pressure diners into paying for what they ordered. For example: At the end of the meal, a person must write down all that they ordered on a slip of paper, then pass the paper and necessary money to the group host (one at a time) so it can be visibly seen how much money is passed to the group host and counted on the spot. The money needs to match the paper, and that bill reconciled before moving to the next diner.

I have been stuck with more than my share of a tab. I don't dine with these people again. The times that it happened, the people or person was not a good friend and this was a first time dining together. It was a part of my first impressions of them, and not a very good one.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of a couple of times I had an unpleasant check dividing experience. Next blog post topic!!

    1. Hahaha! Hi Lissa, sorry to bring up bad memories.

      Cute film though, right?

    2. @Lissa: I like your blog. I have wanted to comment on a couple of posts but your blog only allows comments from google + members.


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