Friday, January 10, 2014

Pressure to workout

I Vibrams

"I succumb to pressure to workout."

Today I missed fitness boot camp for the second time this week.

I headed out of the house this morning for boot camp and nearly fell due to the icy front steps. I wrenched my body just a bit but caught myself and did not fall. Everything was a complete sheet of ice. I skated my way to the car and after opening the door to get in I thought, "It is treacherous out here, I don't want to drive 20 minutes in this." I gathered my things and gingerly made my way back into the house.

I was disappointed because I really did need to work out. I missed fitness boot camp on Wednesday because I had minor oral surgery and was swollen, in pain and out of it. So much so that I slept until noon on Thursday. Then I woke with a lash follicle infection too! Swollen left check, swollen right eye, I was looking ever so perty! I felt like crap, and did not do much of anything on Thursday.

After two days of low activity, I felt the need and the pressure to be active, I wanted to work out. My body craved it.

I was already dressed for a workout so I did just that, I worked out at home.

  • 18 minute run
  • 30 tricep curls, 30 reps each arm
  • plank - 2 rounds: 30 seconds full extension; 30 seconds beginner version
  • wall sit for quads - 1 minute
  • glutes - 1 minute exercise
  • 45 seconds (could not make 1 minute) of hamstring exercise

You'll note the absence of Burpees from today's workout, which are a staple in my formal fitness boot camp workout. I hate those things. They do not feel good to my body and I get dizzy and nauseous doing them.

I feel good! Workout done, energy high.

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