Friday, April 11, 2014

KBQ Real Barbeque Is Back!

KBQ has relocated to a new location that is bigger and better. The place is now a sit-down eatery with plenty of seating, and it's contemporary and clean.

KBQ Real Barbeque

Woodmore Town Centre
9101 Woodmore centre drive
Lanham, MD 301 · 322 · 1527


April 4, 2014 - carryout service

Once again KBQ is kicking out some of the DC area's best barbeque ribs. Truly smoked meat, tender and pink (not brown like par-boiled ribs with sauce poured over it). Speaking of sauces, there is a choice of original, sweet-n-spicy, and sriracha sauces. Don't get all caught up in the sauce, you won't even need it. I ate my ribs without sauce so that I could savor the delicious, smoky meat. I did dip a piece of rib in the original sauce just so I could report to you about it. The original sauce is good, a tad tangy but not in a vinegar way. I ordered the entree 1/2 slab rib meal, which came with two sides.

Well prepared sides. My selected sides were the macaroni and cheese and the seasoned green beans. Yummy!!! The green beans were cooked perfectly; they were not mushy or salty. Yaay! The mac-n-cheese was tasty too; something I would order on its own. It was not oily or overly salty, just the normal amount of salt given by the cheese. My meal also had the regular style corn muffin, it was moist but sweet. I don't like sweet corn muffins.

KBQ has not lost its fine art of barbeque-ing. In fact, I think the food tastes better than before when it won so many accolades and BBQ fans.

**Note: KBQ Real Barbeque was formerly located in Fairwood Shopping Center, Bowie, Md. New place, same owners.

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Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)


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