Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Victory's Banner: Good & Healthy in Chicago

Victory's Banner

2100 W Roscoe St., Chicago, IL 60618 (773)665-0227
(Corner of Roscoe & Hoyne Sts.)

Dined late June 2014

Victory's Banner...Go. You will eat healthy foods, organic foods, and whole foods full of flavor. I was in the area for 5 days and ate here 3 times and got food to go. Yes, I am a fan. I wish it was here in DC area.

The staff is kind and attentive. The restaurant is smallish but they accommodated my party of 10 no problem. Victory Banner always has plenty of patrons seated inside and outside, each of the 3 times I visited I was seated quickly.

The Food

Lemon lentil soup - divine, aromatic, delicious. So good I go it to go on another visit.

Pancakes with yogurt and fresh raspberry and tasty homemade granola - perfect pancakes--light, tasty...good, hearty breakfast.

Omelet: I made my own with spinach and mushrooms. Good omelet. Fabulous breakfast potatoes! Hearty bread served as side was good, it also came with the lentil soup.

What I tasted and looooved:

Breakfast Burrito: A tortilla stuffed with 2 scrambled eggs, mushroom, red onion, red peppers, gouda, black beans and sour cream. Organic salsa & brown rice on the side.

I needed more days in Chicago because on my next visit I was going to order my very own Breakfast Burrito. I had tasted it on one occasion, then shared about 1/3 of one on another visit. They are big and delicious...not salty, you can taste the individual ingredients.

Victory's Banner was recently voted in top 18 of Chicago's best brunch spots, but it often makes #1 on Chicago's best breakfast/brunch lists. The praise and acknowledgements are well deserved, plus Victory's Banner is a great lunch spot, too.

Good eatin'

food chick

Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Vietnamese sandwich shop: Banh Mi & Co.

Banh Mi & Co

2057 W. Roscoe St. Chicago, IL 60618 • (773)360-7266

Banh Mi & Co. features Vietnamese sandwiches and soups. According to wikipedia Bánh mì is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread.The Roscoe Village location is tiny with two wood tables, each with two chairs, and a walk up counter for ordering. The food is made to order, so you can be seated and your food will be brought to your table. There is also outdoor seating-- sidewalk cafe style. The two ladies working in the shop were happy, friendly, and helpful with answering questions.

The Food

Black Mushroom Vegetarian Soup
Vegetarian stock served with black mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, white and green onion topped with crispy fried onions. Your choice of rice noodles or white rice.

I liked my soup well enough. If there were a Banh Mi & Co. near me I would get this again.

My dining companion had the Pork Rolls Sandwich.
Pork rolls and pate. Served with cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalapeno, soy sauce, black pepper and mayo on a fresh baked baguette.

He gives it a 4 out 5 stars, and would order again but not before he tried something else on the menu.

I had a pleasant dining experience at Banh Mi. None of the popular sandwiches appeal to me because they are all meat, mainly pork and a beef and a chicken option. If I had the opportunity I would dine here again to try the spring rolls or some of Bahn Mi's vegan options.

food chick

Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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