Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chez Dior Senegalese Restaurant

Chez Dior Senegalese Restaurant

5124 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville Maryland 20781
Phone (240) 696-5907

Dined on September 18, 2014 (dinner)

Restaurant Chez Dior boasts "African Dining and Catering in an agreeable environment." The environment is very agreeable. You are greeted warmly as you enter and the comfortable decor is rich and vibrant with African art; not at all kitschy.

Succulent, flavorsome foods of Africa

logo from Chez Dior facebook page

For dinner at Chez Dior I ate Thiebou diene with red rice. This is a traditional Senegalese dish with herb stuffed white fish in a tomato stew served with rice ad mix vegetables. This description is direct from the menu but the dish looked nothing like my mind had conjured up. I was expecting much more tomato broth type stew with chopped veggies floating in it. To my great surprise and satisfaction the Thiebou diene as served was nothing like I imagined. (see below). It was truly a stew. The vegetables were crazy delicious--eggplant, carrot, okra, yucca, (something else I've forgotten). The thick and flavorful white fish may have been stuffed with herbs but it was also wrapped in kale, and uniquely flavored. I really, really liked the fish. The mountain of red rice was served with a lime on top and tamarind seasonings bursting with tasty goodness served on the side (It had the actual tamarind seeds in it). The rice was excellent on its own.

Because the portion of rice was so huge, I took most of it home for leftovers. The next  morning I made the delicious breakfast posted here.

Merci beaucoup Restaurant Chez Dior for the delectable dinner and breakfast!

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Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)

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